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Dental Bridges are a highly economical way of replacing teeth that have been lost due to reasons including gum disease, dental infections or trauma.

About Dental Bridges

What are Dental Bridges?

  • Dental Bridges are a restoration used to replace one or more missing teeth. They work by fixing an artificial tooth (a custom-made crown) onto another false tooth or an adjacent healthy tooth, if one is present. As the name of treatment indicates, treatment ‘bridges’ gaps present in your mouth.
  • Dental Bridges take at least two appointments. You will be given a temporary bridge to wear whilst your permanent bridge is created in the dental laboratory. Therefore, you will not have to live with missing teeth during this time.
  • A well-made dental bridge can be durable for multiple decades with the correct care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to attend an initial consultation, so that we can establish which tooth replacement treatment is the right one for your particular needs.

  • How do you custom-make my Dental Bridge?

    Digital planning software and dental impressions allow us to gather the information we need to give to our dental technician, who will then create your bridge. The impressions are an accurate mould of your teeth, allowing the technician to replicate a restoration based on these unique measurements.

    Your bridge will have an authentic dentition and look completely natural when you smile.

  • What is my Dental Bridge made of?

    We create Dental Bridges from a variety of different biocompatible precious metals and metal alloys. Where the gap is located may dictate the type of materials used to create your Bridge.

    All restorations, including our Dental Bridges, are crafted with care and will be made to last.

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